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Entidades que procuram parceiros

Porque as parcerias transnacionais estão na base do Europa Criativa, nesta página divulgamos a procura de parceiros que recebemos dos nossos colegas dos Creative Europe Desks. 
A tabela abaixo contempla informação sobre as entidades que estão receptivas a estabelecer parcerias, área de projecto e os contactos directos. Caso tenha interesse em associar-se a uma organização e/ou projecto, veja a oferta disponível.

Por outro lado, se tem uma ideia de projeto e procura parceiros, o Desk disponibiliza à entidade interessada um template que deve ser preenchido em inglês. O documento é então remetido para todos os colegas dos Creative Europe Desks que o disseminarão através dos seus canais. Para obter mais informações ou solicitar directamente este template, por favor, contacte-nos através do endereço: Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar.


Projectos de Cooperação Europeia 2022

 Tipologia do projecto/ Descrição

 Entidade País Descrição do projecto e contactos Área artística/cultural Data de divulgação de informação

Proposed project: share the methodology to give inclusive music classes for disabled and abled children to unit them through music. The objective is to develop inclusive behavior and combat discrimination since childhood when stereotypes and unconscious bias behavior are formed. Classes are given to children to pilot the methodology. On-line training is given to professional music teachers to multiply the use of the project methodology. A final event concert is organized for the students, professors and parents to participate. The project is evaluated. Action plan to transmit the project to other institutions, cities and countries.

Artistas Diversos Espanha Documento PDF performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology 26.04.2022
 Proposed project:
  • mapping of cultural heritage and archeological sites in the city in cooperation with experts in the field of creative industry (architecture, design, museums, historians)
  • Tourist cultural guide through the cultural sights of the city using QR codes and m-learning that can be used in school’s curriculum (school in nature)
  • street art (painting facades, setting up art sculptures)
  • creating QR codes and locating cultural locations in the city through interactive maps
City of Osijek Croácia  Documento PDF  Cultural heritage, visual arts, architecture, arts and technology, digitalization, participation of citizen and experts in the creative industry 22.04.2022 

Proposed project: In collaboration with cultural organizations from across Europe we want to proceed to the gamification of cultural heritage with the creation of learning products for environmental education and tradition.
We aim to the mutual creation and sharing of media game patterns and videogame products on the theme of environmental education and tradition for children.
We hope to contribute to the engagement and mediation with European organizations for the interpretation, communication and presentation of cultural heritage for children of all age groups.

The digitisation of cultural heritage material via the use of gamification, 3D and AI technologies always in accordance with the principles of the EU, is what we are aiming at.

POLITISTIKO PARKO (POLITISTIKO PARK) Grécia Documento PDF Cultural Heritage, Technology,  Sustainable cultural tourism 22.04.2022

Proposed Project: "We are currently interested to collaborate with partners across Europe to develop and implement digital solution to support the reception of cultural and theatrical context.

The technological devices and methods of reception to be implemented by all creative partners, will give incentive for the making of plays and projects dedicated to innovation with respect to the priorities of increasing cultural access to and participation in culture to a wider audience and to the promotion of societal resilience and wider social inclusion."

OLYMPIA CULTURE Grécia Documento PDF Cultural Heritage, technology , Performing arts  22.04.2022

Proposed project: "In collaboration with theatre ensembles from across Europe we want to experiment with the creation and co-production of theatrical plays with the inclusion of technology and the adaptation of a suitable streaming platform. We aim to approach all groups and audiences, especially for professionals and participants with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities related to disability or health problems, economic, social or geographical obstacles or cultural differences.

Parallel to theatrical productions we aim to produce an e-learning program which will include masterclasses, workbooks, videos and  training that will ensure the inclusion of crossing age and genders."

OIKEIO THEATRO (OIKEIO THEATRE) Grécia Documento PDF Performing arts/Arts and technology 22.04.2022

Proposed project: A series of shorter residences in each of the participating European countries, as well as a longer residency in Brazil. All residencies will include creative interaction between musicians that participate in the entire project, as well as musicians from the country of residency who will participate temporarily, greatly expanding the scope of musical cooperation and network building for all those involved. These interactions will consist in participating in musical research projects proposed by the musicians that form the core group. The result of these interactions will be new music as well as new networks, methods and ideas. All residencies will include plenty of time and ideal circumstances for composition and improvisation, as well as concerts, workshops and studio recording sessions. 

Sound Organism Suécia Documento PDF Music, Residencies, festivals, networks 22.04.2022

Bertha Media / Talking Statues are looking for partners who want to make statues talk in EU cities and together find a theme for the event. Their aim is to strengthen the transnational creation and circulation of European works (statues and monuments) and artists (actors, directors and writers. Bertha Media / Talking Statues are looking for partners who would be able to participate in European Cooperation projects Small Scale which has a deadline of 5th of May 2022. 

Bertha Media / Talking Statues Dinamarca Documento PDF Performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts and technology 22.04.2022

Arko Promociones Culturales S.L., are looking for partners. The project is focused on the promotion of cultural tourism especially in the Atlantic area being a space for the networking of the professionals involve in this areas

Arko Promociones Culturales S.L. Espanha Documento PDF cultural tourism 22.04.2022

Theater Gavella is looking for partners in a field such as museums or organizations that work with public tunnels, visual artists, writer organizations, landscapers, actors, directors, art schools, art universities, digital media scenographers.

Theater Gavella Croácia Documento PDF visual artists, writer organizations 22.04.2022

PEN Català, Foundation of Literature and witters from the Catalan–speaking territories. PEN Català are looking for projects related to Literature and diversity, freedom of expression, refugee artists and writers, literary residencies, translation, etc.

PEN Català Espanha Documento PDF Literature and diversity, freedom of expression 22.04.2022

ARCHAEA, non profit association with different multidisciplinary backgrounds such as music, performing arts, video art and cinema, architecture, design, philosophy, etc. ARCHAEA is looking for multidisciplinary projects, focused on producing artistic pieces to be performed.

ARCHAEA Espanha Documento PDF music, performing arts, video art and cinema, architecture, design, philosophy 22.04.2022

The aim of the Association is to create, animate, disseminate, and archive lesbian* culture in Poland in order to root lesbians* in culture and give them cultural references for constructing their identity. It is guided by the principle: We don’t judge, but observe, because the most important thing is the process. It constructs the space where sisterhood and female creativity are possible.
Sistrum work both online and offline. It focuses on cyclical actions that give lesbian* culture continuity, and allows audiences to delve deeper. http://sistrum.org.pl/.
Willing to join projects about women's culture, LGBTQ + community, archives.

Sistrum Association. The Lesbian* Culture Space  Polónia Documento PDF Cultural heritage – Polish Lesbian* Cultura, Archive 12.04.2022

Our priorities to work on the possible project funded by the Creative Europe are concerning the story of Istrian autochthonous cattle – Boškarin and his significance to the Istrian past, presence and future (to safeguard endangered heritage). We want to raise awareness through Local Heritage Digital Hubs, where will be designed creative solutions which will convey the story to next generations but also create a worthy chest of memories, tradition, customs, stories but also smells and tastes of Istrian peninsula. 
Through this kind of project, we want connect the tradition, culture and experts from cultural and creative sector and create content, illustrations, design, arts that will be in relationship with audience and to create a unique memorable story.
Looking for partners in Italy, Slovenia, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal,  Netherland.

AZRRI-Agency for Rural Development of Istria Ltd. Pazin Croácia Documento PDF Agriculture, culture and tourism heritage, valorisation of typical autochthonous food products 12.04.2022

Neoart.design is a pilot project for a European Design network development and digitalization of the sustainable creative organizations and creators, with focus on eco and sustainable design. In order to create the best possible means of cooperation, the project has two routes: development of the platform and the cooperation in order to create the exhibitions, curatorial design pilot project and best practices.
The aim is to create a network, to digitalize, to empower organizations and creators and to create a platform related to the sustainabilit theme in various creative areas starting with design. The pilot is part of future program: neoart.center, which aims to become a European free creative sustainability platform, and cultural sustainability developing networks, communities, free tech instruments and resources.

NEO ART Romania cultural association Roménia Documento PDF Visual arts, sustainable design and architecture 12.04.2022

Petra Terzi has been a high caliber events and festivals' organizer in Greece and Cyprus with a vast professional background in industrial management, destination event management services and volunteerism. Petra Terzi views and manages the Arts as a key communication channel towards promoting culture. The various activities that she undertakes, with collaborations abroad, concern important cultural events such as participation in governmental festivals and promotion of top artists with international prestige and glamour which magnify both local and international audiences.
We can support the project with cultural activities, visual arts and media coverage in Greece. 

PETROULA TERZI Grécia Documento PDF Theatre, Opera, Music, Dance, Visual Arts 12.04.2022

We are interested in getting involved as partner in cooperation projects that have a research and/or training component in the fields of: heritage valorization and research, increasing cultural consumption, training in the field of heritage, cultural tourism, culture courses syllabus.
Subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, Romania, the institute aims to study, research and provide statistical data in the field of culture, as well as training professionals who choose a career in this field.

National Institute for Cultural Research and Training Roménia Documento PDF Research, cultural consumption, culture strategy and development 30.03.2022

We are seeking for partners in the fields of art, culture and education that wish to develop transnational projects for young and adult audiences focusing on audiovisual and film education, story-telling, and oral history.
The goal is to strengthen the bond between small and mid-size cultural organisations across Europe that share the same interest in the educational aspect of cinema and filmmaking, and to develop communal projects that explore and deepen the concepts of European heritage and identity.
The Cultural Organisation of Crete was founded in 2002 to promote and produce cultural, educational and artistic projects and publications. The two major projects of the organization is the Chania Film Festival /CFF and its educational program CFF Edu.

Cretan Cultural Organization Grécia Documento PDF Film Education, Film Festivals, Oral History, European Cultural Heritage 30.03.2022

The purpose of this project is to link the field of Education with the field of Culture with the use of advanced learning augmented reality technologies with the ultimate goal of highlighting the cultural heritage and encouraging collaborative creativity. 
Based on the proposed methodology of the University of Crete, students/adult learners, educators and people in the field of culture, will work together through experiential / creative activities to highlight the added value of the cultural heritage of their place, creating integrated Interactive Tours  and digital games with use of mobile devices as well as other advanced technologies. 

eLearning Lab, Dept of Primary Education, University of Crete Grécia Documento PDF cultural heritage, architecture, culture and technology, Education: ICT, Mobile Assisted Learning 30.03.2022
We are looking for peer organisations working on cultural democratisation and mediation.
We are looking for peer organisations working on cultural democratisation and mediation. We are searching por European partners to start a network of organisations working on cultural democratization, art and sustainability and architecture. The aim is to develop a network of partner organisations with the same objectives to work together towards organising a programe of artists in residency, shared knowledge and multilateral projects working with the public in various European countries. 
Contorno Urbano Foundation Espanha Documento PDF Visual arts and sustainability 24.03.2022
Resucitadero aims to fill this gap and provide a solid, reliable network to manage the goods that citizens do not want anymore but still have a potentially wide lifespan. It is a space where to gather, classify, store, repair, clean, refurbish, test and sell goods that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. As a non-profit association, the final prices are strictly set up accordingly to the work accomplished.  Resucitadero Espanha Documento PDF sustainability, waste management, cultural heritage 24.03.2022
The Puppet Making and Shadow Play Workshop "Kouklopedio" in Porphyrogenis Foundation, is a multidimensional art workshop aimed at primary school children and adolescents, focused   at the creative use of their free time through contact with the art of puppetry and contemporary shadow theater, as a means   of artistic expression and creation.
Through a children's first contact with puppetry, it seeks to give new impetus, enhance artistic creativity and free expression, and inspire a more optimistic view of the world.
Nikolaos & Eleni Porphyrogenis Foundation Grécia Documento PDF Αrt-educational activities for children and adults/ Puppetry / Children's theater  21.03.2022
The project is a prototype that aims to continue over time, we are open to anyone who wants to collaborate in the process of this first pilot. We aim to build a pilot training experience on a European scale that uses the artistic process as a method of learning and sets up a system of collaboration among universities, art centres and cultural events in Europe to explores cities and the profound impact that digital communication technologies exert on the reality and social relations through art, cinema and architecture. Fundació Sorigué Espanha Documento PDF visual arts, architecture and the built environment, , arts and technology, education and schools, film and new media. 21.03.2022
Cultural association Afanias is willing to participate as a partner in any projects that raise awareness of the arts and social inclusion in the different disciplines, music, dance, or arts.
Moreover, they are looking for partners working for different project ideas: 1) Mural painting; 2) Art in Hospitals; 3) Concerts; 4) La Casa Experimenta. 
Afanias Espanha Documento PDF Visual arts, music, dance, education, social inclusion through the arts, all ages and ageing. 21.03.2022

Spanish organization Tshock Cultura Emocional wants to participate in any projects related to performing arts, specially in the fields of social inclusión and audience development. They are specialized in artistic production, residencies, festivals and emotional coaching through theatre platform.

Tshock Cultura Emocional Espanha Documento PDF

Performing arts


We are looking for a fourth partner to join a project proposal related to creating an international platform of experts primarily focused on the critical and theoretical reflection on the performing arts (dance, contemporary theatre). The project is aimed at connecting experts, finding new forms of art reception, engaging the audience. We already have one partner from Czech Republic from the same sector as ours and another one from Croatia from the field of visual arts and multimedia.

Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars Croácia Documento PDF

Performing arts, dance and theatre criticism and other forms of reception of the performing arts


The new project “Eternal Teenagers: The Map” focuses on digitalizing memories. Recollections and narrations are placed on a digital map on a web platform. For the targeting group of youths an art-workshop will be held expanding on video theory and application, image composition, the basic principles of visual and audio technology, digital means as well as picture and sound editing. The specific action poses as a clear example as to how collective memory has been gradually affecting and will continue to affect human function and social cohesion linked with audiovisual technology.

LOTOFAGOI Grécia Documento PDF

performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, arts and technology, creative writing, experimental arts, ecology 

LibrArt is a civil non profit company, headquartered in Ioannina & Thessaloniki, northern Greece, cooperating with a nation-wide network of artists and cultural stakeholders. The company’s main purpose is both cultural and artistic.
Our vision is to become a solid member of the wider european and global, artistic and cultural community and engage in the exchange of culture, artistic expertise & expression and common creation.
LibrART is willing to join projects as partner.
Librart Performing Arts Ensemble non-profit company Grécia Documento PDF Theater, Performing Arts 21.03.2022
We are looking for a project leader to join a medium scale proposal to implement an interactive electronic music and digital arts festival.
This proposal concerns the production of an innovative electronic music & digital arts festival, where artworks presented are created by utilizing data collected from bodily and emotional reactions to social issues.
The project’s main objective is to connect pressing social issues with contemporary art, by using biometric data as source materials for artworks.
MENTOR Grécia Documento PDF Festivals, Electronic music, digital arts, cultural organisations interested in contemporary culture 21.03.2022

Altrimenti is a “Social and Cultural Space” with the aim of promoting meeting, exchange and collaboration:
• Promotes and supports artistic and intercultural practices
• Supports associations in the production of cultural events
• Raises public awareness of major social topics through conferences.
Altrimenti is willing to join projects as partner.

Altimenti Luxemburgo Documento PDF

Audience developement and engagement/social inclusion


Potential Project is willing to join visual art and social inclusion projects, educational programs for public schools and refugees, exhibition practices and artistic collaborations and mobility.

Potencial Project Grécia Documento PDF

Visual art and social inclusion projects


Jasa Association is a non-profit NGO active in the field of culture and sustainable development. A small publishing house that publishes art books on the topics & challenges of modern society. 
Jasa Association would like to open a small bookstore-cafe in Slovenia and run cultural activities in it, e.g. literary events and workshops. Jasa is open to cooperate as a partner in all other activities: artistic production (especially writing and painting), conduction of various courses and workshops, promotion and dissemination.

Jasa Association Eslovénia Documento PDF

Interdisciplinary or literature, performing art, movie

Arctur is an innovation specialist company working to inspire and empower cultural heritage organisations to reinvent themselves and co-create innovative cultural heritage products and services, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future for the tourism sector in Slovenia.
Arctur would like to take part as a partner in (1) cooperation projects (contact as soon as possible – deadline 31. 3. 2022) and/or Innovation Labs (contact at any time – deadline Sept. 2022) related to cultural heritage, data projects, tourism, ICT, R&D projects.
Arctur Eslovénia Documento PDF

sustainable cultural tourism

We are looking for a project leader and partners for the below project: NARRATIVE ARCHAEOLOGY is a project that foregrounds the theatricality of archaeological sites, through performing arts. Through a specially curated route within the site, such a project aims to create a novel perspective on visitor experience of a site, where visitors' curiosity for historical and archaeological elements becomes an experience. The creative team consists of visual artists, actors, directors, musicians, archaeologists and is led by a performing artist in collaboration with an archaeologist. 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture Grécia Documento PDF

Performing arts

Immer’s mission is “to make people read more often, longer and in more places, with a superior reading experience.”  To achieve this mission, we have developed, tested and disseminated the Immer app within the Netherlands and are now looking to collaborate internationally.
‘Deepening European Reading Culture through the Smartphone’ (working title) is a European cooperation project that seeks to explore and strengthen European reading culture and business models. 
Immer Systems Países Baixos Documento PDF


Proposed Project: Despite digitization projects implemented in European museums for more than a decade, resulting in a systematic and relatively rapid growth of digital reproductions of museum artefacts, "museums still do not function as 'creative content creators'". The development needs of museums related to digital transformation require acting on non-standard methods, which will eventually allow for the development and implementation of an optimal range of functional ICT solutions.  Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie (The Regional Museum in Rzeszów) Polónia Documento PDF

Cultural heritage

Proposed Project: We are developing a training application through games, so that citizens learn to recognize their cultural heritage, its value and how it can help them improve their city from a social and economic point of view. Milculturas Espanha Documento PDF

Cultural heritage, arts and technology, education, innovation, citizen participation

KROMA: We aim to familiarize general public to modern Greek and International visual creation, as well as formatting appropriate conditions for social and cultural upgrade. KROMA’S main activity is the publication of a Νο.1 digital art magazine, (the only one in our country) which is available to download free of charge through Google Play or AppStore. In the field of digital publications KROMA is very active and has already been awarded four (4) times. KROMA Grécia Documento PDF

visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology

Kajaani City Theatre is looking for professional theatres from other European countries to join as project partners. The themes of the project stem from the regional culture of the partnering theatres. The project aims to create new bonds between different European communities and cultures by using historical materials as combining elements which are presented through the art of theatre.
The goal of the project is to help unite and empower people from sparsely populated areas and help promote local and equal accessibility to culture services.

Nota: este partner search é para a call 2023.

Kajaani City Theatre Finlândia Documento PDF

Professional theatre, performing arts, dance theatre, puppetry

Municipality of Amfikleia – Elateia (Greece) is looking forward to be partner in projects in the fields of Cultural Heritage, Ancient History, arts and technology. 
Looking for partners in Italy, Spain, England, France, Malta, Portugal.
Municipality of Amfikleia - Elateia Grécia Documento PDF

Cultural heritage, ancient history - archeology

Proposed project: We want to export the Flying Theatre's sustainable concept (fly low / fly high) in other European and international airports, based on the pilot project we are developing at Billund Airport during 2021/2022. We intend to arrange artistic residencies in each country and to involve local creatives and actors as part of our special flight crew. The aim is to offer both to the passengers and the citizens memorable and uplifting experiences during their journey, in the city and at the local airport (land side / air side): opera at gates, performances in the waiting area, concert shows at the luggage area, theatre performances in hangars, urban spaces, etc Det Flyvende Teater Dinamarca Documento PDF

Performing arts, visual arts, music, festival and events

Proposed Project: In the context of the Creative Europe system, we are looking for European partners, aware of the questions of the arts in connection with disabilities or vulnerabilities, interested in the Balbutio show but also in the technique of accompanied improvisations, a new mediation technique at the origin of the show, which concerns people with disabilities, even severe ones, actors and theater students who can discover and train in this type of acting (jumping into the void), musicians who can learn to improvise live around sequences narratives played, but also the parents and carers of people with disabilities who can become aware of a technique that allows them to forge links with their parents differently, through the play.  ZIGZAG – Association Zigônez França Documento PDF

disability, culture, theaters, theater and music education, associations of parents of people with disabilities, medico-social institutions

ARTIVISM’s vision is to act as a network of Changemakers on a local and international level with a mission to contribute to a glocal movement where anyone, anywhere, anytime can take action and start a Revolution: to dismantle current systems within; to dissolve current narratives. 
ARTIVISM is hoping to cocreate along Greek and international artists, activists, curators, researchers and civic society to organise and produce exhibitions, implement research projects and events with a focus on artivism, activism, queer arts, communication.
ARTIVISM  Grécia Documento PDF Arts, visual arts, digital culture, artivism, activism, queer arts, communication 28.02.2022
Proposed Project: Replicate the experiment “libraire volante”: a shared bookseller  for the benefic of independent booksellers. CIL – Confédération Interprofessionnelle du Livre – Grand Est França Documento PDF Book industries 28.02.2022

Proposed project: Emporium (=market place) requires the development of a digital environment to facilitate and support local Emporium exploration and implementation processes, and a business model such as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to manage the Emporium investments.

Citizens may be involved by an interactive map, where they are able to promote or support the implementation of an Emporium social housing street for example, by addressing locations in the public space or in their neighbourhood.

Wansdronk Architektuur Países Baixos Documento PDF

Sustainability in architecture

The Urban Dig Project is an artistic/research/community platform, developed by the not-for-profit organization ‘Ohi Pezoume Performing Arts Company’, based in Athens, Greece.
We would like to participate in partnerships formed for current or upcoming Creative Europe calls, European Cooperation Projects 2022 and beyond. We preferably interested for projects that deal with water (water heritage sites, water cultural landscapes, the notion of thirst etc) and/or earth and land issues (land ownership-who owns the land? quality of soil etc) and/or air elated initiatives (air quality, breathing etc). We also have a strong interest for projects that involve dramaturgy, theatrical plays or art installations that connect to Africa or the relationship between North and South. 
Urban Dig Project/ Ohi Pezoume Performing Arts Company Grécia Documento PDF

Performing arts, dramaturgy, theater, cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology and fields of humanities

What is "Spectator School"? - It is an innovative program to promote the Theatre, which shows the process of construction of a show open to the public and with your active participation. “Escuela de Espectadores” provides the participating groups(partners) with a working method that makes the Theater a local asset, valuing the work and  creative processes linked to the Performing Arts. It offers the population (spectators) new tools to see and enjoy the performing arts; thus generating cultural habits and sense of belonging. Cultural Association Rayuel Espanha Documento PDF

Performing Arts

Los Sueños de Fausto is a Spanish theater company specialized in contemporary works by Spanish authors, with a special focus on the national promotion of our productions. 
Los Sueños de Fausto are specialized in creating contemporary projects. Adapting the classics to the present, we work in collaboration with different institutions in the field of education, especially in the field of theater. Our contributions also go through the work at the distribution level of different companies in Spain and France. Our intention as a company has a clear social focus, but we also take care of facilitating and arti
Los Sueños de Fausto Espanha Documento PDF

Theater, children's theater, education

Proposed project: In collaboration with theatre ensembles from across Europe we want to experiment with and develop the artform of Digi Drama. Meaning a whole new hybrid artform in the space between theatre and cinema, written and produced for live streaming on the internet.
The participating ensembles will each produce two pieces during the project period. Between the two productions, the partners will run a joint competition calling for manuscripts written especially for this format. The second production will be based on manuscripts from the competition.
Looking for partners: One Tech-partner; One Academic partner. Three to four artistic partners, primarily from the field of theatre, but related stage arts could be involved.
Teater V Dinamarca Documento PDF

Performing arts / Arts and technology

The Museum of Independence Traditions in Łódź collects and makes available cultural goods on independence, martyrdom and military matters, including works of art, archival documents, uniforms, weapons, photographs, souvenirs, publications, etc. 
With its activities, the Museum disseminates knowledge about the history of Poland and the Polish nation, the place of Poland in Europe and its history, military and underground activities, multiculturalism in the Polish tradition and important places of national remembrance in Łódź and the region. The museum promotes the values of democracy, active citizenship, cultural openness, respect for the history and national heritage of Poland and Europe.
Museum of Independence Traditions in Łódź Polónia Documento PDF History, cultural heritage, cultural education, gamification, innovative education 25.02.2022

We focus mainly on cultural and museum education for children and their families by developing educational programs and cultural walking tours in collaboration with local agencies / communities (all over Greece and abroad).
Exploration Children’s Museum is the first mobile children’s museum in Greece and one of the first mobile European children’s museums in 21st century. Exploration travels everywhere with our luggage, exhibits, collections and interpreters, giving visitors the opportunity to explore and discover the culture through play!
As a mobile cultural center for children and their families, we encourage curiosity and imagination, promote play and creativity, enhance informal and lifelong learning. 

Cultural and Museum Education Hellenic Center – Exploration Children’s Museum Grécia Documento PDF Cultural heritage, arts and technology, history and science, education 25.02.2022

Canto Mediterraneo´s main goal is the preservation and advocacy of Mediterranean history and culture. 
Proposed project: We are highly interested in documenting aspects of culture, music, history and more, supporting at the same time the importance of social inclusion with technological possibilities like Subtitling for Hearing Impaired (SDH) an by approaching people who live in all kinds of remote areas in our country, as we should all have access to culture. Our main goal is to advocate for Mediterranean culture and so, we would like to highlight hidden sides of it while preserving our cultural heritage. We are also interested in bringing people together and giving them accessibility to all kinds to art, history, music from all over the world.

Canto Mediterraneo Grécia Documento PDF Music, Documentary Film making, Festival Planning, History and Culture, Book Publishing, Theatrical plays 25.02.2022

Proposed project: Glorious El Greco – An hommage and a tribute to El Greco using VR technologies: Creation of a portable and versatile virtual reality device that allows the discovery of the works and the journey (Greece - Italy - Spain) of the painter, sculptor and architect El Greco. Also a call for hommage to El Greco for European young artists.

PRAXITELEION.org Grécia Documento PDF Cultural Heritage, Painting, Sculpture, Art and VR Technology 25.02.2022

Proposed project: We are looking for project partners to join a small scale proposal to implement a cross-sectoral project merging performing arts and social science. 

Description: An artist-led project that explores, brings together and expands the impact of the endless, rarely documented, but rich, culturally diverse fragments of history hidden in community-based, unspoken collective memories. In a time of increased, impersonal globalisation, the importance of transmitting intangible heritage, knowledge, myths, skills and lore serves an urgent need for the creation of a new sustainable ecosphere.
Through art residency schemes and capacity building workshops, a replicable methodology will be created, performing artists will be urged to co-create and produce artworks, and attend workshops involving social scientists, civil society and cultural actors.

CHORUS Grécia Documento PDF Performing Arts, Social Science 25.02.2022

We are looking for a project leader and partners to join a medium scale proposal to implement an interactive electronic music and digital arts festival “Transition to 8 Festival”. This proposal concerns the production of an innovative electronic music & digital arts festival, where artworks presented are created by using data collected from bodily and emotional reactions to social issues.
“Transition to 8 (TT8): Bridging social issues, tech and contemporary art” is an innovative research project, the pilot case of which is currently being implemented in Eleusis by MENTOR (cultural production and management company), Athena Research Center and the University of Athens (Department of Psychology). The project´s main objective is to connect pressing social issues with contemporary art, by using biometric data as source materials for artworks.

MENTOR Grécia Documento PDF Festivals, electronic music, digital arts, cultural organisations interested in contemporary culture 18.12.2022

Proposed project: Mont-Dauphin, France, is a very appropriate place to experience dance : this cultural heritage, opened on nature, protected by ramparts allows to find out our essence. You can create with natural and mineral material. The idea is to propose experience of dance creation with the audience in this framework, using the benefit of his popularity. The visitors, the inhabitants will be suggested to become dancers.  The students of school dance and their circle will be proposed to become spectators. Spectators will be proposed to become active and change their gaze as viewer.

Why to undertake the project ? To increase the audience (viewers and dancers) : The decline in audience attendance by new generations requires reinventing the cultural experience by reaching the audience where they live or travel and where they are in their experience of dance. 

Ascen'Danse França Documento PDF Cultural rights and audience increase : Contemporary creation danced by and for all 18.02.2022

One Night Gallery is the first new media art gallery in Romania whose purpose is to develop concepts, solutions and artistic products within cultural projects that combine art with emerging technologies, education and new curatorial approaches.
We are interested in projects where we can share our knowhow & skills. Expanding and applying our knowhow in projects that use blockchain technology, is a priority for us. We have the ability to develop and supervise projects using AR, VR, video-mapping & AI. We are focused on expanding the areas of artistic expression and experimentation through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Video-mapping, Interactive Installations, Game Art, Robotics, Sound Design, Education & Resource Library.

One Night Gallery Roménia Documento PDF newmedia art festival, mixreality festivals, museum, art 18.02.2022

Aim of the project is to organise festivals or other kind of events of One-to-One art: One in Finland, one in Sweden and one in a country we are looking a partner for. We can also organise programs of one-to-one art in the contexts of other festivals or cultural events. So a partner we are looking fordoesn't necessarily need to organise a specific One-to-One festival as long as you are interested in finding interesting ways of organising One-to-One art.
Preferably all three partners in the project will find a bit different contexts for this. One-to-One art can be taken to social- and healthcare, cityspace or other contexts.

Kulttuuriosuuskunta ILME Finlândia Documento PDF Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Community Art, Live Art 15.02.2022

VEKTOR aims at creating networks with local and international art organisations to reinforce the discussion around technology and the arts and their future development. We aim to promote critical and cultural discourse; showcase art forms that challenge our digital, social and environmental ecosystems and engage with diverse audiences. 
Since then it has realised two art exhibitions and is currently undertaking a research project concerning the new generation of digital artists in Greece

VEKTOR Athens Grécia Documento PDF arts and technology, visual arts, digital culture, electronic music 15.02.2022

The aim of the association is to develop and disseminate contemporary music and to shape public awareness of contemporary music.
Proposed project: We want to organise a field of exploration for new music and related arts (video intermedia etc.) We want to involve not only artists but also cultural operators to promote new ideas and develop contemporary music in Europe.
Result of the project - cultural exchange, creation of new compositions, expansion of contacts.

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Polónia Documento PDF Music 11.02.2022

Artepunkt aims to promote best practice in the field of modern theater practice, drama pedagogue and inclusive arts. Artepunkt is a nationally and internationally independent company of artists who make work for all aspects of theater and visual arts. We are based in Belgrade (Serbia), Oslo (Norway), Vienna (Austria), London (United Kingdom) where we develop and perform our multimedia work.
Artepunkt would like to participate as a partner in a cooperation project.

Artepunkt Sérvia Documento PDF Perfoming Arts (classic, experimental, hybrid forms), drama education) 11.02.2022

University of Silesia in Katowice is one of the largest and most dynamically developing public universities in Poland. 
The Bit Explorers Research Team operating at the University of Silesia in Katowice is looking for partners to submit an application for a project in the field of experimental media art.
The main goal of the project is to implement a series of artistic works on the field of art and science, containing an element of innovation. We want to use modern forms of expression, such as: generative art, mixed media, digital art, robotic art, bio art, experimental interface or others, indicated by the partner.

University of Silesia in Katowice Polónia Documento PDF performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, arts and technology 09.02.2022
The CRAVE Music Agency was established in 2017. We provide a comprehensive offer for artists, such as managerial support, impresario care, and professional promotional and advertising services. We constantly cooperate with music venues, graphic designers, video production teams, sound companies, acoustics, recording studios, journalists, and leading media on the Polish market.
Thanks to a wide range of activities, we have a tangible impact on better content exposure; thus, the artists we work with reach a broad audience.
CRAVE Music Agency  Polónia Documento PDF Music industry, music innovations  09.02.2022 
Prometheus I(ANNIS)X(ENAKIS) is a polythematic hybrid on going festival and brings together at one stage Music ,dance and visual arts and more.Is dedicated to the 100 aniverssary of birth of the pionner Greek-France composer, math and musician one of the pionner for the electronic music.
We are looking for Percasionists,dancers ,poetrys,voise artists,visual artists,active organizations,cultural advisors,cities for venues, or experts to help us to growth up our project and participate on that in any kind of the total content.
Olympus eagles/Olympolis art project  Grécia Documento PDF  performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture,cultural turism 09.02.2022 

With “Re:discover” project we want to bring traditional craftmanship closer to contemporary designers with innovative approaches. European traditional knowledge is an untapped cultural resource that can effectively support the professional development and fulfillment of young artist. By traditional knowledge we also mean methods, the use of tools, materials, forms and patterns, practices and skills, and the relation to natural environment. Furthermore, it also includes folk heritage and folk arts. This transfer of knowledge is necessary for collect, preserve and introduce of these intangible heritage assets to young design professionals and to reach new audiences. With this project, we try not to contrast tradition and modernity but to complement to each other.

Laterna Magica Hungria Documento PDF Design, applied arts, artistic crafts, intangible cultural heritage 08.02.2022

Oraiokastro (Greek: Ωραιόκαστρο) is a municipality in the Thessaloniki regional unit, Greece and a suburb of Thessaloniki.  While small in population size, the Municipality of Oraiokastro is characterised by increased diversity, both in terms of geography and in terms of human geography.
Projects that deal with local cultural associations and teenagers or and children getting in touch with culture in modern ways.

Municipality of Oraiokastro Grécia Documento PDF Cultural heritage 08.02.2022

MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity is a Social Enterprise established in Patras, Greece in 2018. Since then, the organisation supports Cultural and Social innovation and Creativity by mentoring and guiding creative ideas and projects, artists, creators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and young people, generating meaningful synergies between the grassroot organisations, local stakeholders the public and private sector. 
Within a Creative Europe project, MOSAIC may undertake several activities and deliverables. Some of them may be:
* Training
* Consulting
* Research
* Incubating Programmes

MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity Grécia Documento PDF Cultural management, Entrepreneurship, Audience Development, Business Models 08.02.2022

The program we run in Greek schools since 2019 consists of a short dance performance with a following feedback session between the artists and the students and a dance workshop that leads to a short performance of the participants. 
Everything takes place in the school. We would like to create a network with partners who are also interested in introducing contemporary dance and performative arts to schools in their country. This network could mean exchanging ideas, collaborate artistically and educationally, travelling, building a communication bridge between students of different countries, even creating a common performance with a group of students from different countries.

Still Pilgrim Paradox Grécia Documento PDF Contemporary dance 07.02.2022

Proposed project: Integrated approach for cultural heritage
Action nº1: An event of celebration named “Europeans love their Heritage”.
Action n.º 2 Dissemination and explotation.

Looking for partners with the following profile:
*Partner 1:Expertise in dealing with EU projects and particularly with cultural heritage projects .
*Partner 2: Communications networking partner / TV Broadcasting corporation. Film production company
*Partner 3: Internet company; - apps builder, Social Media

Amigos de la Alcazaba de Almeria Espanha Documento PDF Cultural Heritage 07.02.2022

CREAMODITE It was founded in 2017 with the aim of valuing the work carried out by the creative sector and promoting regular meetings between the trade, the designer or artist and the consumer in order to establish scenarios that invigorate the sector. To achieve this goal, CREAMODITE offers a catalog of experiences where the public actively participates, which allows us to educate through entertainment.
Proposed project: Make a performance for the metaverse and with a stage, costumes and props drawn in 3D.

CREAMODITE Espanha Documento PDF Fashion design, catwalks, performances, performing arts, festival, metaverse, 3D in art and design. 07.02.2022

Despite digitization projects implemented in European museums for more than a decade, resulting in a systematic and relatively rapid growth of digital reproductions of museum artefacts, "museums still do not function as 'creative content creators'".
The main goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of cultural institutions to implement a digital layer using virtual and augmented reality to enhance the experience of visiting a museum. The project intends to develop an implementation guide for the AR/VR layer in the museum with its pilot implementation.

Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie (The Regional Museum in Rzeszów) Polónia Documento PDF Cultural Heritage 07.02.2022

"The UIA2023CPH World Congress of Architects will find place in Copenhagen from 2-6 of July 2023 and counts a visitor number of approximately 10.000 delegate. The venue can act as a massive platform for dissemination of many kinds of projects focusing on ‘Sustainable Futures – Leave no one behind’ in the specific context of architecture and the built environment broadly. We are open to work with specialists within architecture specifically, but also welcome dance, theatre, music projects, which can draw attention to the mission and vision og the world-congress, namely, to further strengthen ‘sustainable futures – leaving no one behind.

UIA2023CPH Dinamarca Documento PDF Architecture and the built environment broadly 07.02.2022

"We are a newly-founded organization that consists of highly motivated and experienced art professionals. Our purpose is to highlight, promote, support, manage, perform and implement any kind of art and artistic vision (i.e. narrative-storytelling art, music, cinema, theatre, dance, puppet theatre), spanning from folk to contemporary art. We aim to research, support and disseminate arts, cultural heritage, environmental sustainability, the Greek language and culture, new technologies in cultural industries, as well as to organize and conduct education and training programs, publishing, festivals, shows and any kind of artistic and cultural activity that promotes solidarity, creativity, equality and freedom of expression."

The Milia of Folk Tradition and Contemporary Art Grécia Documento PDF Narration- Storytelling, Puppet Theatre, Theatre, Music, Cultural Heritage and Cinema. 07.02.2022

CONNECT&CREATE Latvia vision is:

● to promote creative freedom in the audiovisual arts discipline and to promote drawing and sketching as a meaningful activity in everyday life;
● to diversify public non-formal education and information opportunities on visual arts, culture and music by organizing non-formal and alternative events;
● to create a supportive environment (physical and digital platforms) for people who want to explore and participate in audiovisual arts activities;
to promote the re-use of various products and materials by implementing them in art-related activities;

CONNECT&CREATE Letónia Documento PDF Visual arts, music, performance art, innovative materials, digital media 31.01.2022

Proposed project:The project aims to allow virtual visits of old archives making available their documents as e-books that can be read on line. Making use of the most appropriate skills and the most advanced digital technologies, we aim to complete the conversion of old documents into digital format, safeguarding archive collections, through the production of high-definition digital images that accurately reproduce the paper document

Taulara Itália Documento PDF Archives management 24.01.2022

Theatre studies Department of the Greek University of Peloponnese is looking to be partner in projects in the fields of performing arts, theatre ( ancient and modern), theatre education, applied theatre, dance, music, cinema, cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, translation, scenography, arts and technology, digital humanities.

Theatre studies Department, The University of the Peloponnese Grécia Documento PDF performing arts, theatre ( ancient and modern), theatre education, applied theatre 20.01.2022

"We wish to co-design a touring water festival where water as a theme is researched from both a scientific, more rational perspective to an artistic, more poetic point of view. The aim is that we can be able to create a number of local water festivals throughout Europe where we tour with our water based art and performances in a sustainable way and the local actors participate and engage with the local area hence creating a scalable concept - a row of unique but still coherent water festivals"

 Between Music  Dinamarca  Documento PDF  performing arts and music, visual arts, architecture, sustainability, water  16.12.2021

"Our priority is to raise the local people awareness about how participatory eco art is one of the most important tools to communicate the sustainability in the post covid-19 era and how their cultural heritage (both material and immaterial) probably could affect our art action practices design among countries. Our goal is to replicate/try out this collaborative art actions design approach with other cities in Europe. 
We are looking for partners who share similar interests and ideas, about the value and the power of Art, as a global language between different cultures and civilizations."

ART & HEALTH (Hellas) Grécia Documento PDF Sustainability, participatory art actions, literature, art as therapy, eco art therapy 16.12.2021

"We are looking to partner with artistic content organizations: Museums, galleries, artist or photographer agencies, art and photography events and awards,... who want to promote their art and artists, gain visibility, give the chance for everyone to enjoy their content easily and even earn from it. The project would be to incorporate more content on the platform and afterwards promote it; the content itself and the collaboration between the participant entities." 

WindowSigh Espanha Documento PDF Visual arts, digital platform, streaming, photography, arts and technology 16.12.2021

Proposed project: The purpose of our project is gender-mainstreaming of womens’ music / female read music of all genres.  The activities to reach these aims are: Creating an international network of archives, organisations and plattforms, dedicating their scientific and artistic work to this purpose. Continuous monitoring of music life in regard of gender, diversity and inclusion, creating new business models by defining the stages of artistic processes.  

Maezenatentum.at Áustria Documento PDF Research, publishing, media, dance, film, music, festival 16.12.2021

Proposed project: The main purpose of the Organization is to consolidate the efforts of citizens, individuals and legal entities, public and other organizations for the joint realization of rights and opportunities; research and solving problems of development of culture, sports, mass media, IT sphere; development and implementation of projects aimed at the development of international cultural relations; study of existing problems of society with further analysis and development of projects, programs and recommendations for their elimination.
We are looking for a partner from the European region, preferably from the countries: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal.

Cherkasy.Today Ucrânia Documento PDF Audiovisual art, cinematography, animation, motion design, music, in particular DJ culture. 16.12.2021

Proposed project: design educational material where video games are used to promote learning and in particular, language learning. At the same time, the material in the form of exercises, games, videos etc can aim to sharpen students’ life skills. 

The Pouma Academy Grécia Documento PDF education, gaming industry 16.12.2021

Artit is a fast-growing online art gallery, contest hub and publisher, based in Greece (Artit Athens) and the UK (Artit London). Our platform is home to a dynamic global community of visual artists across the world who make art to freely express what matters to them the communities they represent.
Proposed project: 
The themes of our projects are related to: 
a) The power of Visual Arts for Environmental Protection 
b) The use of Arts for a more Inclusive World
c) Digital Art Therapy in the Internet Era
d) Elderly arts and Creativity

Artit Grécia Documento PDF Visual Arts (including performing arts & digital arts), Cultural Heritage 16.12.2021

Proposed project:
The project "Is Life Like a Game?" formed at the intersection of game educational technologies for the creation of didactic audiovisual materials for profile sites (e.g. portals, publications) and viral videos for social networks. Each module provides the possibility of presentation in online and offline forms.

The project "Is Life Like a Game?" aims to convey to children and young people important messages and suggestions for action for change for the better according to planetary (e.g., global warming, carbonization, social injustice and corruption, pandemic, etc.) and local challenges (e.g. cross-border conflicts, resource wars and intolerance).

The project proposes to create scenarios of a probable future through game simulation of situations and to choose a strategy of actions to prevent negative consequences.

Zhemchuzhyna Ucrânia Documento PDF Education 16.12.2021

ROOTS (working title)

A European collaborative music project with a holistic approach to young emerging talent.

ROOTS is a European development and networking project that seeks to establish and maintain young transnational cultural ecosystems within the young European fringe groups in the context of music, technology and management in collaboration with established and professional venues.

We are looking for: 

1) Venues with room for 500-800 spectators
2) Located outside capitals and major cities
DSI Swinging Europe Dinamarca  Documento PDF  Performing arts, music, social inclusion through arts, young emerging talent   25.09.2021

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