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Entidades que procuram parceiros : Projectos de Cooperação Europeia 2016 - Bibliotecas Públicas

A informação chega-nos dos nossos colegas do Creative Europe Desk da Finlândia, e é dirigida a Bibliotecas Públicas.

"Vantaa public library is looking for partners among public libraries to take part in a large-scale project that aims to co-create a model for libraries as publishing centres for local and small editions literature. By doing this the libraries would "produce new functionality in the library spaces and thus contribute to the continuation and development of libraries as literary arenas. Moreover, the libraries would make better use of the already existing information skills and infrastructure as well as support their local communities in storytelling and orderly dissemination of knowledge".

Mais informação em : http://www.europacriativa.eu/_entidades_que_procuram_parceiros